Oats And Shrimp Pepper Masala Recipe

Here’s adding an extra dose of nutrition to delicious fried shrimps. Fibre-rich oats boost the heart-healthy quotient of the dish. while shrimps bring you the goodness of protein and vitamin B12, great for immunity and strength. Seasoned with antioxidant-rich peppers, this is a fail-safe winner for all foodies and the gluten-intolerant too!

Cooking time
10 min


    • Saffola Natural Oats-Plain,powdered 1 cup 
    • Egg,lightly beaten 1
    • Chilli paste 4 tbsp 
    • Salt 1 tsp 
    • Shrimps,deveined & washed 2 cups 
    • Saffola Gold-Pro Healthy Lifestyle Oil ½ cup 
    • Onion,finely chopped ¼ cup 
    • Tomatoes,finely chopped ¼  cup
    • Black pepper,freshly ground 2 tbsp 
    • Curry leaves ½ cup 


How to make Oats And Shrimp Pepper Masala

    • Combine powdered Saffola Natural Oats-Plain with beaten egg, chilli paste and salt to make a batter.
    • Coat shrimps evenly in the batter. 
    • Heat Saffola Gold-Pro Healthy Lifestyle Oil in a pan and deep-fry shrimps on medium heat, turning them to cook through. Keep aside.
    • For the pepper masala, leave 1 tbsp of the oil used for frying shrimps in the pan and fry chopped onion until soft.
    • Add tomatoes, black pepper and curry leaves. Fry for about 3 minutes. 
    • Add the fried shrimps, tossing them to coat well in the masala. 
    • Transfer to a serving dish and serve hot with steamed rice or rotis, if liked.


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