Saffola Pepper & Spice Oats Paneer 65 1

Saffola Pepper & Spice Oats Paneer 65 Recipe

Cooking time


    • 250 grams paneer
    • 1 tsp ginger garlic paste
    • 40 gms Pepper, to be cooked and kept aside
    • 5 gms salt
    • 2 tbsp. corn flour
    • 1 ½ tbsp besan
    • ½ tsp red chili powder
    • ¼ to ½ tsp garam masala
    • 1 tbp Saffola Oil

    • 2 garlic cloves chopped
    • 1 large sprig curry leaves
    • 1-2 green chili slit
    • ½ tsp cumin seeds
    • 50 gms onion cubed, layers separated
    • 1 tbsp. Low fat yogurt
    • ¼ tsp red chili powder
    • 3-5 gms salt

How to make Saffola Pepper & Spice Oats Paneer 65

    • Rinse paneer if using frozen. Drain off the water completely.
    • Add paneer to a bowl. Add ginger garlic paste and salt. Toss well for the ginger garlic to coat well.
    • Add flours, red chili powder and garam masala.
    • Toss everything well. Sprinkle water as needed and toss. The flour should coat the cubes well evenly. Do not use lot of water. If needed can sprinkle more flour if more water has been added accidentally. Set this aside for 5 minutes.
    • Heat oil in a tawa and shallow fry till golden.
    • Transfer the left over oil to a bowl and retain just one tsp oil in the pan.
    • Add garlic and cumin. Allow the cumin to splutter and garlic to fry lightly.
    • Add onions, chilies and curry leaves. Fry just for 2 minutes.
    • Add Cooked SMO , yogurt and red chili powder. Stir and fry on a high flame for 2 minutes. The onions should be moist.
    • Addpaneer and sauté in the masala. Switch off the stove. Serve paneer 65 as a starter.

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