Veggies in a bun Recipe

Veggies in a Bun can be a served as a snack or even a light main course dish. It’s yummy as well as healthy. You can use any vegetable of your choice, but the ones used in the recipe are light and balanced in their nutrition content as well as the flavours. 

Cooking time
25 min


    Ingredient with Household Units

    • peas 75 grams
    • 1/2 cup carrot75 grams
    • 1/2 cup beans
    • 40 grams 1/4th cup
    • corn boiled 40 grams
    • 1/4th cup spinach 60 grams
    • 1/3rd cup salt and pepper to taste
    • Multigrain burger buns 3”diameter 6
    • hung Yogurt 150 gms
    • 1cup milk 50 ml
    • 1/3rd cup Mustard sauce
    • 20 gms 1tbsp



How to make Veggies in a bun

    • Put the yogurt in a bowl and then, add milk, salt and pepper and mustard sauce. Mix well till combined.
    • Add all the vegetables and mix well.
    • Put these vegetables in the hollow centre of the buns.
    • Serve with the sauce of your choice

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Dec 29, 2016

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